9am Body Weight Biltz- 3/26/20

Mar 26, 2020

 by Bryan Preston

9am Body Weight Blitz!

Time to get moving…

The goal of this workout is to complete all of the exercises, sets and reps as fast as you can. So set a timer, and in 1 week we’ll try to beat our time.


Set 1: 20 reps

Set 2: 15 reps

Set 3: 10 reps

Set 4: 5 reps

Set 5: 10 reps

Set 6: 15 reps

Set 7: 20 reps

Set 8: 5 reps

Rest as little as possible. Form first, but you are trying to complete this one as fast as possible. Complete all 8 sets for the first exercise, then move onto the next.

  • Burpees (Let’s get these out of the way first!)
  • Push Ups
  • Jump Squats
  • Hip Bridges
  • Crunches

This workout is 500 reps total. The goal is to complete it as fast as you can. Make sure to time yourself!