Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats

Jan 6, 2021

 by Bryan Preston

Overnight Oats: Blueberry, Banana, Chia Granola

This has been my go to breakfast for the last 3 months. I’ve made different version of it and have had it for breakfast 90% of the time. Using different fruits, proteins, oats and other ingredients I can mix it up as much as I like. These are super simple to make, they can be gluten free, dairy free or whatever else you need them to be.

Overnight Oats are super easy to make and taste great. So without any further delay, here is step by step how I make them.

1. You need a base liquid. I use water almost always but almond milk is another popular choice. After you make them a couple of times, you will know how much to use. If you use too much liquid, they will be soupy. Too little, and you will get anywhere from pudding to uncooked brownie. If this is your first time making them, here is what I suggest. Start with less, you can always add more. I mix mine right in my container that I am going to eat it out of. Normally, a Tupperware container.

2. If you are using protein powder, you want to mix that in second. I add my protein to the water and mix it until it is completely mixed. I found that if I add everything, the protein powder endless up all over the place and makes a mess. This is when I will decide if I need to add more water or not. I have used both plant-based, and whey proteins. When using a plant-based protein, it will come out thicker so you may need more water compared to whey. Whey protein, I recommend using a little less water. Remember you can always add more water if needed. My go to right now if Arbonne’s Cinnamon Bun Protein and Arbonne’s Mable Cake. Both are great. You can check it out here: For Whey Protein I really like Legion’s products:

3. Next up, if I am going to add yogurt, this is when I will do that. My current go to is Fage Plain Greek Yogurt, 0% Milk Fat. I like this one to add some more protein and tend to keep my total fat down. I have also used other naturally flavored yogurts in the past. I have gone away from that, because I have fruit added anyway. You can leave the yogurt out, if you don’t want the dairy. The yogurt can be used to thicken the Oats as well.

4. The Oats are next. I do anywhere from ¼ cup to a full cup depending on my calorie needs and the serving size. If you are worry about too many calories, go with half a serving but don’t be afraid to do the full serving. The key is to use Old Fashioned Oats or Steal Cut Oats. You can use gluten free oats if needed. I also switch things up and use Granola instead of oats. Sometimes they have fruit and nuts in it as well.

5. Fruit, go big or go home. Berries are king! Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Black Berries, they are all my go to. I usually pick 2 or 3 fruits and load up. I will also add bananas. This is where you are going to add tons of nutrients to your Overnight Oats.

6. Chia Seeds. Don’t worries, you won’t grow a plant in your stomach. Sometimes, I will mix these in during the first or second step but many times I just sprinkle them on top at the end. I usually throw a spoonful on top. The main difference is, they won’t swell as much if you sprinkle them on top. If you mix them in after the protein, they will swell more because they will sit in the water.

7. Seal Up your contain and stick them in the fridge overnight. That’s it, you don’t need to do anything else. Just grab a spoon or fork and have at it in the morning.

Overnight Oats are a delicious meal that is easy to make and pack with tons of nutrients. This is a great option to start the day off right, giving you energy for hours afterwards. They are also great as a post workout meal. Have fun with different fruits, nuts and seeds. You can mix it up and add whatever you like the best. Fresh fruit or frozen fruit. Hemp seeds, almond butter, flax seed, cinnamon, there’s so many choices!