Body Weight and TRX Workouts 3/28/20

Mar 28, 2020

 by Bryan Preston

Today’s Workout 3/28/20

8am (25 minutes)

½ and ½ Tabatas: completed 20 seconds of the 1st exercise and then rest 10 seconds. Then, complete 20 seconds of the 2nd exercise, then rest 10 seconds. Complete 4 sets of each exercise, 8 sets total. Then rest 1 minute. After resting 1 minute, move onto the next Tabata.

  • Step Ups or High Knees: Seal Jacks
  • Push Ups: Crunches
  • Side Plank*: Flutter Kicks
  • Floor Jacks: Hip Bridges

*complete a side plank on one side, then a set of flutter kicks. Then complete a side plank on the other side, then flutter kicks. You will do 2 side planks each side, and 4 rounds of flutter kicks.

TRX/ Suspension Trainer Workout 830am (30 minutes)

Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions for all exercises. Complete all sets of an exercise, then move onto the next exercises. Rest 30 seconds between all sets.

  • TRX Squat
  • TRX Atomic Push Up (Push Up with Knee Tuck)
  • TRX Bridge
  • TRX Body Saw
  • TRX Pendulum
  • TRX Burpee (10 reps each side)

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