Halloween Fun- You've Been Boo'ed

Oct 21, 2019

 by Bryan Preston

Happy Halloween!

MAFC Will be closed on Thursday Oct. 31st for Halloween! We will be having our Halloween Party in our Children's and Little Dragon's Classes on Wednesday, Oct 30th. Students may wear costumes to class! There will be fun and candy for everyone!

Adult Students. Wear your favorite rash guards on Wednesday. Let's have some fun!

Check It Out! You can Boo your friends! This is a fun Halloween activity that the whole family can get in on. We will be handing out "You've Been Boo'ed" papers all week in class. Student can take as many as they like and "Boo" their friends. There are also Halloween Safety Tips and a fun Candy Corn Fudge recipe. 

Don't worry Adults! There's one for you too! We know that deep down, we are all just big kids anyway. You can "Boo" your friends too! There is a fun Halloween Candy Corn Martini recipe. Make them for a party, or just enjoy one yourself. 

Both recipes are below, and will also be handed out at the school. Enjoy and have a safe, happy Halloween!

Check Out The Recipe Below!

Adult Halloween Fun- Candy Corn Martini

Check Out The Recipe Below

Print these out or pick them up at the school. If you have never been "Boo'ed" before, now is your chance to join the fun. All you have to do is make a goodie bag of treats for a friend. Attach the paper to the goodie bag and leave it on their doorstep. Then, it's their turn to pay it forward. Let's spread a little holiday fun! Enjoy and don't forget to try out these recipes for yourself.