Kettlebell Complex 6/18/20

Jun 18, 2020

 by Bryan Preston

Complex are a great way to get a mix of strength and conditioning as well as challenge your endurance all in one workout. Tonight's workout fit the bill and was no joke. Grab a pair of kettlebells and give it a go. This workout will take about 20-25 minutes. Rest 45-60 seconds between sets.

10 to 1 Ladder...

1) Double Swing
2) Double Cleans
3) Front Rack Carry
4) Overhead Press
5) Overhead Carry
6) Front Squat

Here how to do round 1...

1️⃣Complete 10 Double Swings, after the last swing go right into your cleans without putting the bells down. 2️⃣Complete 10 cleans. 3️⃣On your last clean keep them in the front rack position and carry for 50 feet. 4️⃣After completing your do 10 Overhead Presses. On the last press keep them in the top position. 5️⃣Carry the bells overhead back 50 feet. 6️⃣Next bring the bells back to the front rack position and complete 10 Front Squats.

There you go. Round 1 complete! Only 9 more to go 🤪Each round take one rep off of each exercise until you get to 1 rep of each. Carries stay the same throughout.

Sellect a weight that is challenging for 10 reps of overhead presses. If you go too light, the workout will be too easy. Go as heavy as you can that it will push you.

Give it a go, and let us know what you think! Questions about this workout? Email