Motivation- Part of A Team

Nov 7, 2019

 by Bryan Preston

It's Tough To Stay Motivated... 

Some days it's hard.

Some days it comes easy.

We all have both types of days no matter how long you have been training. 5 days or 5 years, we have them.

Here's 3 Easy Ways To Stay Motivated...

1️⃣ Have A Goal...

For me, this one is huge. If I set a goal, I'm all in. Fully committed and ready to go. It's almost like a switch that flips and as soon as I set the goal, I know nothing is going to stop me. I will reach my goal and crush it.

2️⃣ Surround Yourself With People With Similar Goals And That Are Heading In The Same Direction...

If the people around you have different goals and views, they will hold you back. It might not be intentional but they will. They will resist the things you want and make your journey difficult. If you want to climb Mt. Everest, you need to hang out with adventurous people. If you want to make money, hang out with people who know how to make money. If you want to get fit, hang out with people who know how to get fit.

3️⃣ Be A Part Of A Team And Have A Coach...

Coaches have coaches, or at least the good ones do. Mentors and coaches help you grow and improve yourself. Coaches and teammates support you when you need it the most. They also have goals and are headed the same place as you. Even the most experienced in their fields have coaches and mentors.

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