Sunday Funday Workouts! 5/31/20

May 31, 2020

 by Bryan Preston

Sunday Funday Workout 5/31/20

Got up and grab a couple kettlebells this morning and then it was sun and sweat for about 45 minutes. Here's a look at this morning's workout. All you need is a couple of kettlebells and some guts. Before we look at the actual workout, I want to emphasize something about Tabata workouts. When you perform a Tabata workout, it is all out for each 20 second round. That is the key, if you dog it and take it easy you won't get as much as you can out of the workout. When picking your weights, they should challenge you and not be easy. For every 20 second set, the goal is to do as many reps as possible. If you go with a heavier weight you will end up doing less reps each set, if your weight is lighter you will be able to get more reps done. This means your workout can be geared more towards strength or conditioning depending on the weights you pick. Either way you go, at the end of the 4 minutes if you go all out, you will be happy to get a 1 minute rest.

The Workout...

Warm up: 1 mile run

Tabata: If 2 exercises, alternate each set. If single side, alternate sides. 

1) Deadlift: Swing

2) Left Single Arm Clean: Right Single Arm Clean

3) Alternating Swings

4) Left Clean/Lunge: Right Clean/Lunge (perform 1 clean, and the step forward into a lunge with the opposite leg. Repeat for 20 seconds)

5) Left Single Arm Swing: Right Single Arm Swing

6) Left Clean/Press: Right: Right Clean/Press

Finisher Sets: complete 5 rounds of the following exercise

1) Suit Case Carry 100 feet each side

2) Standing Side Bend 20 reps each side

3) Abs exercise 30 reps

Give it a go and let us know what you think!