What An Amazing Weekend/Men's Physique 10/12/19

Oct 15, 2019

 by Bryan Preston

What an amazing weekend and experience it was stepping on stage and competing at the @officialocb_page Chesapeake Classic in Baltimore. It's been a long time goal of mine to complete in bodybuilding and was able to make it a reality after over 3 months of prep. 

When the day was all said and done I took 3rd Place in Men's Physique Master's Division and 5th Place in Men's Physique Open Division.

I feel really good about my performance and where I placed. I can learn and grow from this experience, and come back stronger.

For me, having goals to work and push towards are very important. They help me to stay focused and on track. Many times, people "wing it" and end up running in circles. Doing all this work but never really getting anywhere. If you feel like you are running in circles, let's talk. Let's plan some goals and getting your going. Just shoot me an email and we can talk. bpreston@mafitness.net

There are so many people that have supported me along this journey and I want to thank all of you. Through the support of my friends, family, teammates and co-workers I was able to stay on point and stay focused on my goal.

All of my co-workers and friends at @davisptsr and @dr_andrea_davisptsr thank you!

All of my Teammates at MAFC. Your support and training helped to keep me training. It was pretty awesome to hear from so many people and how inspiring it is to them. You guys inspire me to push harder every day. 

I have to give a very special thank you to my coach @angelo_prince. Your guidance throughout this journey has been nothing short of amazing. There's no one else I'd rather have coaching me. I would not have come this far without your help. I look forward to continuing to work with you and keep pushing towards this goal. Thank you! You are going to kill it at Yorton!

Another big thank you to @pamel0606 who had to go through this with me. Many sacrifices were made but you supported me the entire time. This weekend especially, everything that you helped me with made this journey better. Thank you, I love you!

This journey is not over, this was only the first step. I will be stepping on stage Nov 9th in Philadelphia. I'll come in even stronger and better. Keep an eye out... Big things coming for 2020. We are going to be looking for a strong showing for Team MAFC and want you to join us.

Thank you again, everyone for all of your support!