What Do I Need To Know For My Black Belt Test?

Apr 18, 2019

 by Bryan Preston

What Do I Need To Know For My Black Belt Test?

There always seems to be some confusion around test time. As students progress through our ranking system they are required to learn and know more and more. I often get asked, "what do I need to know for my Black Belt test?"

The short, simple answer is... Everything.

Students testing for black belt are required to know all of the material they have learned at each previous belt and their new red belt material. Black Belt Candidates also have a 3 mile run to complete the day of the test, I'll talk about that in a sec.

So let's break down the requirements and get into a little more detail. Here they are:

  1. All Lower Belt Forms from white belt through high brown.
  2. Both new Red Belt forms.
  3. Weapon Form (Bo Staff).
  4. All Lower Belt self defense techniques. White through high brown. 
  5. New Red Belt self defense techniques.
  6. Knife defense techniques.
  7. Knowledge and understanding of kicking and striking techniques.
  8. Knowledge and understanding of all stances. Demonstrating them throughout the test day.
  9. Black Belt Candidates must be 100% focused and show high energy throughout test day.
  10. Complete a 3 mile run without stopping.
  11. Red Belt fitness exercise requirements.

The morning of the belt test all students testing for Black Belt must run 3 miles. The 3 mile run is usually held at Lenape High School track and monitored by Mr. Preston and Mr. Lynd. Students must run the full 3 miles without stopping. There is no walking. Students must be prepared to run 3 miles without stopping the morning of the test. Anyone who has concerns about the run should speak with Mr. Preston at the school to help you put a plan together.

Students must know the entire Bo Staff form. It is a testing requirement. We strongly encourage students to get their own Bo Staff (see Mr. Preston) around blue belt so that they can practice at home. The weapon form is a long form and takes time to learn.

Mr. Lynd, Mr. Rindone and I want to see all of the students be successfull and have a strong test day at all levels. Any student who puts the hard work in and is determinded can acheive the rank of Black Belt. Earning their Black Belt should be one of every student's goals. We expect a lot from our students and hold them to a high standard. Black Belt Candidates are held to a higher standard and with their parent's support can earn their black belts and become leaders.